Happy Pit Bull Dog Loves It When His Dad Babies Him
  • 15.01.2021
  • 315

This pittie has the happiest, squishiest, goofiest face ever

Pit Bull Saves Baby From California Apartment Fire
  • 15.01.2021
  • 93

A hero dog and her best friend have reunited after a fire in their apartment complex temporarily separated them. It was the barking pit bull, named Sasha, that Nana Chai credits for saving her baby's life

Amazing Puppies Video Compilation
  • 15.01.2021
  • 27

They are adorable please let the puppies have their flippy floppy ears

Pit Bull Puppy Is So Happy and Can't Stop Wagging Tail As She Leaves Shelter
  • 14.01.2021
  • 530

A puppy named Matilda arrived at Douglas County Animal Shelter, the volunteers noticed something extraordinary about this little pup right away.

7 Myths About Pit Bulls That Are Complete BS
  • 14.01.2021
  • 143

These pit bull myths are the silliest 🐶❤️❤️❤️

Crazy Labrador Climbs Across Monkey Bars!
  • 14.01.2021
  • 39

Here is funny Lab, "CHINGON!" Showing off his ninja skills.

Labrador Pool Party - Labrador Goes Crazy In Water
  • 14.01.2021
  • 491

Some dogs don't love bath or water, but this labrador 'LEO' is just crazy about water. He just love pools and especially rolling in water. So come enjoy along with him.

GoPro on Chocolate Labrador Left Home Alone!
  • 14.01.2021
  • 13

What Happens If Labrador Left Home Alone

SUPER CUTE VIDEO! Adorable Labrador Puppies have Fun in the Sun!
  • 09.01.2021
  • 981

How we long for the lazy - we mean CRAZY - days of summer! Join us in the back yard (or "garden" as Mr HDL would say) with Sadie's beautiful litter of Labrador Retrievers!

Craziest Labradors Ever !!!
  • 09.01.2021
  • 1210

Ohhh these are the puppies from the other video they are so big now

First Time At the Beach - Labrador Goes Crazy at the Beach
  • 09.01.2021
  • 264

This is beautiful black labrador, Maggie, having one her many mad moments and knocking over the girl then getting tangled up in the kite string at Formby beach.

Flying Labrador - Viral Video Of Labrador Tom Tom
  • 09.01.2021
  • 421

Flying Labrador - Viral Video Of Labrador Tom Tom

Cute Labrador Sleeps On Owner Every Single Day
  • 09.01.2021
  • 967

Check out what waking to labrador looks like every day in this video. Dog likes to sleep with the owner.

The Most Famous Labrador - Short Labrador Film
  • 09.01.2021
  • 44

Hero Pocket Film Is A Story About A Boy Ashu & His Love Towards Dogs and How He Meet's His New Friend Max.