Building a Log Sauna in the Forest
  • 02.05.2021
  • 934

I don't understand why anyone would actually want to live in a city.. your place is a paradise!

Building a Log Cabin Alone in the Snow
  • 02.05.2021
  • 589

This man is a genius. Instead of worrying about society and other crap that doesn't even matter, he went out and built his own slice of heaven. Well done.

Sleeping Loft in the Off-grid Tiny House, Mushroom Log Cabin in the Woods
  • 02.05.2021
  • 517

Many people who have never done something like this will never know the amount of work that goes into such a project. Triple the work when doing it with traditional non-electrical powered handtools!

-34F At Remote Off Grid Log Cabin In The Wilderness
  • 02.05.2021
  • 422

This is how I've always wanted to live.

Build The Most Beautiful Underground House Villa by Ancient Skills
  • 02.05.2021
  • 103

What a wonderful people around the world here. To the person who is reading this, I wish you a calm, successful, and healthy life forever with a peace of mind

Semi Underground Cabin - Music Studio Alone In The Woods
  • 02.05.2021
  • 447

I have only one statement, "A heart can truly be broken with envy ".... I hope you have told noone where your paradise lays

Alone at Dick Proenneke's Log Cabin in the Wilderness - Silence and Solitude in Alaska
  • 02.05.2021
  • 47

This guy has all my respect, He's doing what a lot of people just dream about

A Year In The Swedish Wilderness
  • 02.05.2021
  • 101

I think this is the most beautiful video on YouTube - your cinematography reminds me of Tarkovsky (highest honor)

Log Cabin TIME LAPSE - SAUNA Full Build by One Man in the Forest
  • 02.05.2021
  • 29

Truly amazing!!! Makes me proud to be a tradesman not to many of us left its all going to robots and Technology

Fairytale A- Frame Treehouse - Cozy Winter Escapes
  • 02.05.2021
  • 91

Absolutely breathtaking! This was one of the best 16 minute vicarious getaways I've ever taken! Hygge at it's finest!

Beautiful Cozy Tiny House At The Mountain by The Forest
  • 02.05.2021
  • 26

Looks calm and peaceful. The surroundings are goergous. Ambience heavenly.

  • 02.05.2021
  • 42

A tour of one of the most beautiful Airbnbs I have seen! This cabin is seriously one to check out.

TIMELAPSE - Young Man Gets Laid off and Builds Tiny House CABIN From Scratch.
  • 02.05.2021
  • 336

From start to finish, the no talking story of my first ever build in timelapse form! It's been a hell of a journey,

Building The Most Creative Luxury Villa And Decoration Private Living Room
  • 02.05.2021
  • 33

I swear these guys are so accurate with their measurements. 📏