Labrador Father Teaches His Puppies To Swim
  • 16.05.2022
  • 12

A loving Labrador dad took it upon himself to teach his precious little puppies how to swim, and by the looks of it, it was a very successful first lesson!

Hilarious Labrador Puppies Open Their Eyes For The First Time
  • 15.05.2022
  • 10

So cute! I can't wait til my puppies open their eyes! They're one week and 2 days.

Adorable Black Labrador Mom Taking Care Of Her Puppy
  • 15.05.2022
  • 11

How carefully she's trying to hold the baby

Giant And Awesome Pitbulls Ever
  • 13.05.2022
  • 243

Just love their breed very loving canine

SUPER PITBULL!!! Best Video Compilation About Pitbull
  • 13.05.2022
  • 35

When your dog hits gym more than you.

Cesar Must Correct Aggressive Pitbull's Behavior
  • 13.05.2022
  • 57

Moral of the story: don't get the dog you think you want, get the dog you know you can handle.

Nobody Can Separate Pitbull From Bike
  • 13.05.2022
  • 81

Amazing to see how powerfull he is

Taming a Raging Pitbull
  • 13.05.2022
  • 43

The man deserves an award for having patience around all these clowns

Pitbull Show - Amazing Pitbull Wall Climbing
  • 13.05.2022
  • 34

Very good trained dog. Always focusing on his owner

Kong - The 150lb Pitbull Puppy Set To Outgrow Hulk
  • 13.05.2022
  • 44

MEET King Kong, the giant 150lb puppy set to outgrow even his supersized pit bull father.

Meet Hulk - The Giant 175lb Family Pit Bull
  • 13.05.2022
  • 26

He’s the prettiest by far

Pit Bulls Left To Die In Abandoned Home Wag Their Tails When They See Rescuers
  • 12.05.2022
  • 94

Pit bulls are the sweetest ... they will protect their owners if necessary

Adorable Pit Bulls Are Chilling In the Sun!!
  • 10.05.2022
  • 192

They are playing so amazing