Drama Performance Award - Cillian Murphy
  • 04.05.2021
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Cillian Murphy wins the award for Drama Performance at the NTAs 2020.

Cillian Murphy Played Roles You NEVER Knew About!
  • 04.05.2021
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Cillian Murphy is an Irish actor. Having started his performing career as the lead singer, pianist, and songwriter of a rock band, Murphy turned down a record deal in the late 1990s and began acting on stage and in short and independent films.

Cillian Murphy Girlfriend..His First And Last Love.
  • 04.05.2021
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She is lucky. She was his biggest fan and got to marry her idol

Cillian Murphy Leads Tributes to Gifted Actress Helen McCrory
  • 04.05.2021
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So sorry. R.I.P. Helen. A superb actress. Thoughts with Damien, her family, friends and colleagues.

Disappointed Cillian Murphy
  • 28.04.2021
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Cillian Murphy looks like he is always dissociating during interviews

Cillian Murphy Transformation From 4 To 43 Years Old
  • 28.04.2021
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Give him long blonde wig and he just looks like his sister. Even like twins

Cillian Murphy's Best Performance in Peaky Blinders Series 3
  • 28.04.2021
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Cillian Murphy deserves an award for Peaky Blinders. It's a no brainer.

Cillian Murphy Net Worth, Biography, Income, Wife, Car, Home and Luxurious Lifestyle
  • 28.04.2021
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This man will get oscar by the order of the peaky blinders