Loyal Dog Refuses to Leave Mom’s Side After Saving Her Life
  • 16.06.2021
  • 589

When Shauna Darcy brought home her beloved staffy Ruby, she had no idea that she had the potential to save her life.

Woman Leaves Back Door Open During Storm And Finds 3 Baby Deers In Her Living Room
  • 16.06.2021
  • 419

Very kind to allow these sweethearts shelter from the storm.

Giant Turtle Resurfaces in Galápagos Island After Being Thought Extinct for Over 113 Years
  • 16.06.2021
  • 263

The Galápagos Islands are known for their mixture of flora and fauna. Surprisingly, this island has been home to a giant tortoise that remained out of sight for more than a hundred years. The tortoise of the Chelonoidis phantasticus appeared on Fernandina Island. This species was lastly seen in 1906.

15 Wild Animals That Have Rarely Ever Been Seen
  • 16.06.2021
  • 17

n truth we humans know very little about the intricacies of the animal kingdom. New species are discovered almost every day, with 270 being discovered yearly